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Garbage collecting links and other web-related chores October 12, 2008

Posted by winden in metablog.

Today I’ve been rearranging a bit the links at the blog, mainly rearranging links and adding new ones

But while doing that, something I noticed and found amusing was that google reader has a very neat “Your stuff” page listing:

  • a neat profile complete with photo and links to other homepages
  • shared and starred posts, with a comment
  • shared notes, which is a very simple way to do blogging, with a title, a body and tags

That page is available also via RSS, so I’ve also syndicated it to the side of this blog.

Maybe it could even be made to replace the blog itself?

I find the blog keeps mixing both big posts with deep content with smaller “what’s up” posts, and maybe separating these smaller ones to the reader page would be better. But then just using the blog for posting big deep content doesn’t ring so well with the format, and maybe moving that content to a different format such as a proper webpage would be better.

All in all, I have to think a bit more about all this…

EDIT: I’ve created a homepage at google sites with a news frontpage, a links part and also a part for longer articles… let me know how you feel about that! :)

EDIT 2: Moved the homepage to my own domain :)


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