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amiga demos from breakpoint 2006 April 20, 2006

Posted by winden in demoscene.
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so, after being 300% wasted yesterday, today I went to work with only 200% wastage and later in the evening downloaded some amigademos from breakpoint… parental advisory has to be forewarned: i’m a bit down-tempo’ed today…

lux aeterna luceat eis / ephidrena:

at home i’ve noticed that what I though was a voxel was in fact a poly-scape… you faked me for real guys :P but i’m slowly starting to like “moody prods” (ps infected me with that “disease” ;) and in fact at the party place i liked it the best of the amydemos

+2 moody prod, +2 hdr, -1 greyscale, -1 maybe a bit slow for only polygons

requiem / the black lotus:

all things are relative, thus seeing a kalmsen^rubber^blaizer demo without a strong graphician behind is just too painful for my desing side… it felt like a flashback to tbl demos before the gathering 96… about the code… the color hdr ruled even if in 1×2, and the shadow-mapping also was nice (this reminds me i have to implement my sketches and notes about shadow mapping sometime)

+1 half moody half fast, +2 fast on real machine, +2 hdr, +2 shadow mapper, -1 polygons only

will not give negatives on the gfx, since they didn’t really have any other option but to finish the prod on their own

kilofix / iris:

liked it at party place, but loved it back home… this is the sort of prod i like, with happy music, syncs, and real 2d graphics…
i suppose the puppet is done with realtime bones (due to low poly considerations)…

+2 fast lemon-esque style, +2 real pixel graphics, +2 fast on real machine, +2 bones, -1 reusing bubbles from heartcore

will have a go at the other demos tomorrow, mkay?