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Nuevo planning diario November 13, 2008

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  • 7:50: preparar un té en modo zombie
  • 8 a 9: cotilleos varios por IM con los compis de España
  • 9: pa la ofi, desayuno de batido de frutas
  • 9-10: coding
  • 10: desayuno 2, cafelito
  • 10-11.30: coding
  • 11 a 12 y media: almuerzo
  • 12 y media: cafelito de despues del almuerzo
  • coding coding coding
  • 3 y media: traslado estrategico a un sitio donde me de el sol antes de que termine de ponerse
  • 6 y media: pa casa
  • relax relax relax
  • 10 y pico: cena
  • hasta quedarme sobao: irc

Welcome to the 21th century: IPv6 all over the house November 1, 2008

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Since getting hold of an small eee for testing, one of the nagging ideas I had was to turn it into a small noiseless router for home. So yesterday I got hold of a 2nd hand 701 eee for just 100 bucks and proceeded with the rituals…

  1. Download the relevant debian install image
  2. Burn it to a USB flashdisk
  3. Boot and do a default install
  4. Install aiccu and configure my sixxs tunnel to heanet
  5. Install radvd and export a /64 subnet out of my /48 prefix
  6. Tell OSX on my laptops to autoconfigure IPv6
  7. Final “avoid getting mad” touch: enter the IPv6 addresses into DNS

Et voilá, now I can get native connectivity everywhere without any NAT! I’ve already configured my IPv6 addresses on my DNS servers and can ssh from any to any without problems :)

I guess a next step would be to make an ethernet bridge between my Sevilla and Dublin sites to enable seamless music / video / files streaming… a long time ago I used to use cipe for linux-linux bridges, maybe I could also move that part into the 21th century and do IPSec? ;)