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long time no see May 17, 2009

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It has been now more than half a year since I last wrote, it’s funny to look back and see how sooo many things happened realise that time flies… so I think I’ll make a quick recap.

Christmas vacations:

Nice to have a few days of work from the comfort of the family couch, and the crazy glances when going for drinks at the Alameda at 3am with a t-shirt while everyone else was trying to avoid freezing with their jackets. The only negative point would be that I had to work during 1st Jan so I could not part all night long…

New android phone:

A nice treat for Christmas. At first it could not stay up for one complete day without going out of battery, but the new code version has improved a lot on that, and the photo application with the automatic GPS is really handy.

New blog:

I started the code for a new blog which I plan to host on my own domain, mainly motivated by now wanting to be held hostage anymore by pre-packaged systems. It’s not ready yet, but it will come for sure. At the very least I already have the code handy to slurp the contents off this blog, which is a plus.

Malaga offsite:

I had a quick 2 day trip to Malaga with my work team mates, we had lots of fun going around the city with Leunam and Niani hosting us around. Amonst the highlights of the trip were meeting Alex’s sister and the good time at the beach when both James and Kuba could not resist taking an small siesta :)


Contributed to the brokepoint sponsoring and took a good visit there… it was already almost two years since I last went to a big party, and was sorely missing it… It was nice meeting HAM, IQ, BP and all the others… for bonus points, I got to chat for a while Tron/Sanity^TRSI^Artwork of Interference fame  :)

Travel to California:

This time only for two weeks… too short trip, I think next time I’ll spend at least 1 month or so. The return was specially killer, I got so jetlagged I decided to take a few days off to cool down, which also helped plan future developments. While there I did my obligatory visits to San Francisco for drinks with Ryan/CTL, the Zeitgeist beer garden and new for this ocasion the Google San Francisco office. As improvements for next time, I think I’ll take a room at the city instead of Mountain View and also stay at least 1 month.

Social networking:

I’ve spent a bit of time tunning my Reader subscriptions and using it more and more to share links and comments. Also got back to using twitter to quickly broadcast stuff to the friends… back when I started using it almost no one nearby did so it was a bit of wasted time… now it had better value since more nearby people are already using it now…

Chromium for Linux and Mac:

The Linux and Mac versions have become stable enough that I can start to use them as primary browsers, the linux one at my work desktop and the mac one for my home laptop.

Some funky stuff is still happening: the mac version can’t load flash yet, which is good since it avoids unwelcome flashing stuff all over the screen but also means I have to copy-paste to firefox to watch youtube videos :/


Lots of good things happened… and while I may post more frequently from now on, it is not a given… as they say on financial advertising: past performance should not be taken as guarantees of coming performance.

Garbage collecting links and other web-related chores October 12, 2008

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Today I’ve been rearranging a bit the links at the blog, mainly rearranging links and adding new ones

But while doing that, something I noticed and found amusing was that google reader has a very neat “Your stuff” page listing:

  • a neat profile complete with photo and links to other homepages
  • shared and starred posts, with a comment
  • shared notes, which is a very simple way to do blogging, with a title, a body and tags

That page is available also via RSS, so I’ve also syndicated it to the side of this blog.

Maybe it could even be made to replace the blog itself?

I find the blog keeps mixing both big posts with deep content with smaller “what’s up” posts, and maybe separating these smaller ones to the reader page would be better. But then just using the blog for posting big deep content doesn’t ring so well with the format, and maybe moving that content to a different format such as a proper webpage would be better.

All in all, I have to think a bit more about all this…

EDIT: I’ve created a homepage at google sites with a news frontpage, a links part and also a part for longer articles… let me know how you feel about that! :)

EDIT 2: Moved the homepage to my own domain :)

Strange ways for people to reach my blog August 6, 2007

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Lately I’ve been taking a look at the builtin wordpress stats: where people come from, what they click… but looking at the search terms that send them here is like…

  • antonio vargas winden – people using their search button like a phone directory?
  • de donde viene el nombre de wind – this is exactly the most asked question when i tell anyone i do demos using a handle or nickname, looks like it gets replicated into the search space

so far so well… lets look at some demoscene stuff:

  • demoscene getting started – ok, this makes sense ;)
  • create a simple software renderer – and this one too ^_^
  • osx demoscene – even if there are not many demos for mac, looks like it’s popular to start doing it now (witness the euskal party 2007 releases)
  • massive particle renderer – TODO: scrounge my amiga backups for some example blitzbasic particle sourcecode
  • ascii – ok, i love ascii… but what kind of people would reach this blog via that query?

maybe phone related?

  • software z610i – where everyone keeps trying to know how to hack the cool phone

hey wait! i also write about japanese things!

  • japanese common pleasanteries in english – we start taking a nosedive…
  • call from japan to spain – yeah, I receive million of calls per week from there
  • my scener – not kidding, this is showing up on the refereer logs…

but more than not, we can see some search engines could enhance

  • Que clase de software es Word. – yes, the dot at the end is included. I even come first at this query on google… if the unix people at the office knew, they would sure kick me of the unix group!

but for the last entry, i think this is really fitting:

What I can conclude from this is that these are topics that people would like me to blog about, and having some entries using these search strings would maybe hook a few more to reading there (karma whoring at its finest ;)