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hay citas que merecen ser copiadas y copiadas… January 15, 2006

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iq/rgba hablando sobre si la scene sirve para algo: “Y el que hace filosofia, lo hace tambien porque no puede evitarlo. El que ademas le sirva de algo o no es totalmente secundario.”

and now we got to… close(2005); January 1, 2006

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I’d like to do one of these “summing up the year”… but I won’t stick to talking only about “the big news of the world” or only about “what i did”… this is much more summing up many things I lived trough 2005…

  • finally got back to get some english classes. no shit the prof told me i had very good lexicon but i had lost most of the pronunciation…. in russian please!!!! XD I must anyways send special greetz to my dear prof sonya that always kept the class very entertaining :)
  • at the start of the year i started to hunt for a flat… and very later on, on summer i managed to find one i liked to buy… so yes i’m now married with the bank for some years ;)
  • even more finally, finally got to attend some out-of-spain party, and better it was than i had ever imagined… breakpoint 2005 was a lot of fun with the trip from sevilla and madrid, the concerts and scene.org price ceremonies, the wonderful beer meadow and most of all the astonishing amiga competitions. i had been toying with amiga 3dvoxels around 2000 but never imagined i’d live to see such fast 3d voxels on amy. let’s just guess that this is just the start of a new speed-war just like the sinusscrollers, shadebobs, c2p’s and polygon engines have been before.
  • something very important i discovered also at bp: beer. i’ve never been too kind to beer but… up there in bingen, there was nothing else to drink and there were too much noise demos to bear… even worse about this change was that all beers were the 50cl size and back here at sevilla i just always kept asking why all bars insisted on giving out 20cl bottles which looked so ridiculouslly small :)
  • buying a 060 with a netcard was something i finally did this last year… and what a kick it was, getting back to my late-night amiirc addiction (but now powered with a 1mbps connection instead of a 2400bps one ;) of course some friend that dropped by had their jaws drop to the floor when shown gems like “the castle”, “ocean machine” and “hotstyle takeover” ;)
  • after much “real computer that” and other crap, jwz got fed up about configuring sound on linux and got a mac… so yes he’s torturing osx now with such feats as daliclock
  • toward the end of the year, i decided to spend a week at leunam’s place in malaga, sharing meals and fun for somedays with such enlightened people as humphrey, niani, xele, zaac,yankee, bixchita, minn, ayame and leunam himself, too bad i had toofficially kick him out of the group due to him overworking too much XD
  • office quiz: “which office place do you prefer for sex?”. yes i’m not making this up… just before the hot sevilla summer left us, i decided to run a little quiz around my office floor as to attain the prefered office-sex place… i was amusing seeing that ALL the girls joined the fun and did 0-hour replies (they would have sure served as good swappers back in the day xD) while most of the guys didn’t even dare speak about it. even better was the fact that no-one gave the same response… “the bathroom”, “the meeting room”, “somewhere difficult to get to”, “the server room” and even one “anywhere”… finally rounded it up with a mail getting all the stats and a remark “we are sure willing to do it all over the office!!!” to good laughs all over
  • fuck-the-scene-HOWTO by network: yes, i’m refering to this “semi-secret for 3 days” party that got revealed by sole at her salsa-scener blog and later on by wizard at escena.org… bgparty aka holaquehay 2005. a whole big success with lotsa prods handed by mail, lotsa also direct at the party, even more lotsa booze and food at the place (my god ayame bebeeeeh you will be a very very very good spouse if you continue cooking and making cocktails like that!!!!) very special greetz have to go to fermix/intense^odrusba for showing up friday after more than ten years of missing him on the scene.
  • wavemaker finally managed to join back the scene in full swing after some bad years of too-real-life, joining TLOTB by the way of astharoth. i’ll sure to join him when (not if ;) he starts any of his mad flame-fests XD