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On joining RGBA August 17, 2007

Posted by winden in demoscene, in real life.

Just like all times I’ve changed groups, everyone involved knew in fact it was not wether I’d join or not, but mostly about when. Happened after Posadas on leaving Batman Group for TNC. Happened before Euskal Party 4 when part of TNC folded into network. And happened now on leaving network for RGBA.

Since many years ago I was already spending time with the guys, and also lately planned my demoscene party trips with them. Visiting Evoke both last year and this one is but the latest example of a cooperation  that started at the euskal party 8 when we first tried to debug, design and optimize something together.

So what can I say now… really look forward to giving my new group the best scening I can manage to do, and not only via productions but also helping in the lookout for external co-productions, adding a bit of oldschool touch such as the infamous file_id.diz files on the releases (pet peeve for all oldschoolers) and probably much more important than any of that, helping any of my friends when they need any help.

Is network dead now? That’s a question I don’t really know how to reply. For my part, there are enough routines to fill a demo, but lack any strong direction and graphics strength to really bring it to life on my very own. Maybe someday the smaller secret Amiga projects will see the light, and then I’d definitely release them under the network label.

Many of our members have lately flirted with the idea of a comeback only to get their already very busy real life screaming them into conformance, and keeping still any more time looking from the distance how my family was slowly degrading was hurting me more than I dared like to admit in public.

Thus the jump.

Signed, winden of rgba^ntw^bg.


1. z5 - August 26, 2007

Winden, it’s a pity that we won’t see any amiga prods from you (at least in the near future), especially since you actually have routines ready for a demo… You probably know i really looked forward to your comeback on the Miggy. Who knows though… maybe one day. Good luck in RGBA!

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