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Joining mixi.jp December 7, 2007

Posted by winden in japanese.
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First was ork*t, then link**in, then faceb**k… but I’ve now joined the ultimate invite-only, privacy-invading site… mixi.jp! Full of kanji await me until I decipher them! :)

Las tarifas de telefónica al descubierto November 24, 2007

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No se si os ha pasado alguna vez que estais consultando las webs de las compañias de móviles y es un lio ir viendo los precios de página en página, más aún cuando ves que 5 cosas con descripción muy similar tienen todas precios similares, o que unas son con tarifas en minutos y otras en segundos… pues bien, mirando mirando he encontrado este bendito PDF de 3476 páginas donde vienen TODAS las tarifas de telefónica.

Se ve que para poder tener la licencia de telefonía tienen que mandar a aprobar a algún sitio del gobierno las tarifas conforme las van cambiando, así que halaaaaaaaaa, PDF tochaco al canto! :)

Eso si, está en una parte de la web a la que solamente puedes acceder si eres cliente, ya que te mandan la clave de tu usuario al movil en un SMS… aunque estoy más que seguro que en alguna web del ministerio de industria o similares debe estar colgado también… habrá que buscar!

7.5 years later… switchoff sadiel November 12, 2007

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So, just a week after buying my old mobile, I joined my first proper job at sadiel.es, and a week after deciding to switch into a new mobile, I decided to also switch jobs. So I did a little priority list:

  1. I wanted to work with passionate and creative people, the sort of people who would not freak out if I showed them some strange thing called a demo for example.
  2. If possible, I wanted to finally join the games industry.
  3. If possible, I wanted to jump into the far end of the technology stack and join a so called “nextgen console team”.
  4. If possible, I’d prefer playstation 3.

But before being able to really start chasing the next big thing, I needed to finish many things at my home town, so I kept slowly sucking up all Spring and Summer as a sort of final round of life at Sevilla and trying to live off many thing I had neglegted for many years: skipping a party to stay home and instead rush out for clubbing 4 days straight, enjoying my japanese classes, chasing cool girls around the city, buying a shiny phone, organising a party at home, running from a police raid while doing botellón into the night, switching scene groups, assisting my friend on his we-sort-of-want but-maybe-dont-want but-in-fact-we-really-want dance to finally hook with a nice partner, managing to get debt-free and then, come September, could at last start to fire CVs all around Europe.

And then we reach now, few months later, when I could go to work on friday and hand over a formal lawyer-esque letter asking for my leaving from the company, and even more gaining a x8 bonus surprise attack against all my unsuspecting work mates who could not really admit that they were reading my farewell announcement.

There is only a small cloud over my horizon: will I manage to survive only eating with my own cooking? ;)

So yes, thing are a-changing, and rather fast indeed! :)

wordpress dash October 7, 2007

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this entry is just to test the wordpress-dash widget… at first sight seems much more convenient than having to go back and forth into the webpage to post a quickie :)

Your demomaking style ends up reflecting on your CV style September 8, 2007

Posted by winden in demoscene, in real life.

I’ve been reading a bit about how to make the proper format for your CV, and most guides placed great importance on making sure it doesn’t go futher than 2 pages. I decided to try to print out mine, and guess what, it takes up 9 pages!

Discussing that with leunam/network today, he also doesn’t like that “2 page limit” very much, which I think somwhow reflects our shared preference towards 8 minute long demos full of everything under the sun instead of mostly-one-routine 3 minute demos (take for example roots/sanity vs c42).

Maybe it’s related to the short attention span syndrome that plagues the masses of the MTV generation?

Registered the 320×256.com domain September 4, 2007

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So, I’ve just finished registering the 320×256.com domain name, there is no definite plan for it, maybe I’ll move the blog over there? Time will tell, anyways if any of you have a nice idea for it, we can talk :)

BcnParty 2006 newschool amiga demos slides are available September 2, 2007

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Since buying my new MBP with a copy of keynote, I wanted to polish and publish my newschool amiga demos presentation slides I gave at the part, so here are they finally!

Edited later on: have also uplinked the live video to the pouet page.

dios uno que esculpe igual que nosotros pixelamos August 30, 2007

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Me pasaba iq hace un rato un video de Ron Mueck que se curra unas esculturas que te dejan flipao

Content Aware Image Resizing August 29, 2007

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Saw the paper a few days back, and my best prediction is that the next photoshop will have this tool as a builtin to aid all the magazine portrait “makeup” artists.

Links: content aware image resizing

Fixed point arithmetics article August 26, 2007

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So, I feel a bit dumb about having named my blog “software rendering world” and not having provided any links to tutorials or information about fixed point arithmetics, which are really important to this whole fields (and even more so in the small machines like amiga or gp32 consoles). Luckily the ADA comunity setup a nice wiki some weeks ago and I’ve just finished writting and uploading an article with a very practical vision of how to learn to do these calculations. Enjoy!

ps. I know wikipedia has an article on it, but its linked papers are soooo full of scary math, it’s no wonder nowdays people think that fixepoint is difficult!

links: fixed point tutorial on Amiga Coding Archive