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A vueltas con el tema del inglés August 24, 2007

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Se discutía en estos días el tema de montar una wiki o similar y asociarlo a escena.org, y por supuesto salió el tema de hacerlo en español o en inglés… ni me ha hecho falta dar la opinión de esa discusión, ya que la ha resumido perfectamente nolver^timescratchers:

Soy de la opinión que si alguién está interesado en aprender a hacer demos, programar juegos, etc, lo primero que debe aprender no es C++, ni OOP, sino inglés. Y a partir de ahi seguir.

Mi experiencia después de estar varios meses en contacto más cercano con gente que viene aquí a sevilla a estudiar español o flamenco es que en muchos casos tampoco saben tantísimo inglés como nosotros creemos. Los mismísimos japoneses suelen saber un poco pero les pasa como aquí a nosotros en españa, que como no tienen mucha oportunidad de usarlo cuando salen a viajar pues están igual de acojonaos que nosotros en ese aspecto.


virgill website August 23, 2007

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Today i got linked via the bitfellas forum into the virgill website, which is hosting amongst others a small but powerful (and tear jerking to me) online selection of his old amiga music such as soundtracks for interference / sanity, the gate / artwork and crazy sexy cool / essence.

Evoke 2007 photo report August 17, 2007

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So, I’ve just uploaded all my evoke 2007 photos to scenesp reports site, hope you like them!

Strange ways for people to reach my blog August 6, 2007

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Lately I’ve been taking a look at the builtin wordpress stats: where people come from, what they click… but looking at the search terms that send them here is like…

  • antonio vargas winden – people using their search button like a phone directory?
  • de donde viene el nombre de wind – this is exactly the most asked question when i tell anyone i do demos using a handle or nickname, looks like it gets replicated into the search space

so far so well… lets look at some demoscene stuff:

  • demoscene getting started – ok, this makes sense ;)
  • create a simple software renderer – and this one too ^_^
  • osx demoscene – even if there are not many demos for mac, looks like it’s popular to start doing it now (witness the euskal party 2007 releases)
  • massive particle renderer – TODO: scrounge my amiga backups for some example blitzbasic particle sourcecode
  • ascii – ok, i love ascii… but what kind of people would reach this blog via that query?

maybe phone related?

  • software z610i – where everyone keeps trying to know how to hack the cool phone

hey wait! i also write about japanese things!

  • japanese common pleasanteries in english – we start taking a nosedive…
  • call from japan to spain – yeah, I receive million of calls per week from there
  • my scener – not kidding, this is showing up on the refereer logs…

but more than not, we can see some search engines could enhance

  • Que clase de software es Word. – yes, the dot at the end is included. I even come first at this query on google… if the unix people at the office knew, they would sure kick me of the unix group!

but for the last entry, i think this is really fitting:

What I can conclude from this is that these are topics that people would like me to blog about, and having some entries using these search strings would maybe hook a few more to reading there (karma whoring at its finest ;)

A little bit of Assembly 2007 August 5, 2007

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So, this weekend was Assembly, and we proceeded to gather around the irc to watch the live stream, being somewhat  alone together in real life instead of a mmo).

I haven’t seen much of the releases, but anyways some high points for me:

Timescratchers, which mostly come from my very same city, released both a game and a demo at the party, thus marking a new step for the now 2 years old group. Of particular note the idea of modding the game to include scene groups as football teams, thus making it  good part of party fun for some people reviewing it. Interestingly, the results file says nothing about the gamedev compo…

RGBA with stiletto as a cool 4k full of girls that reached 2nd place…

…in a compo crowned by candystall as a loonies coop featuring amongst other the well known  multiscener blueberry. Talking about loonies, also maytz jumped the plattform gap with 4k intro clusterstorm.

Time flied a bit and also the stream didn’t work too well for me yesterday (looks like h264 doesnt like dropped packets too much?), so no realtime compo watching… so today morning went and grabbed the sur-to-be-released ASD demo lifeforce. Impressive as usual, not only the tech side but also the music and the general flow… i liked best the 2d parts (including the obvious sequential/andromeda reference with the bending tree) and also of course the routines used to convert shapes into flowing and expanding lines.

Some chat I caught up late friday from louie500 was also that tbl would not be releasing there, but there were some new work in preparation anyways.

All in all, a good Assembly weekend :)

wanna have a childhood flashback? check out the internet! July 27, 2007

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This week, I can’t really remember why, but we ended up learning about a little song which .jp children used to sing when going to the camp. This being anno domini 2007, I later asked my teacher via email for the lyrics and then proceeded to dump the first verse into google, for some interesting results:

  • Looking via english got me a single link about a trip with photos and everything… this is exactly what the web is about, sharing whatever you feel good about!

In summary, people really managed to study foreign languages without internet?

Not the usual “copy Paul Bourkes lookup table” marching cubes approach July 26, 2007

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A routine to die for for sure: rapo diablo 5000 with realtime raytracing on 50mhz machines

mi compi de clase, en la revista “paseo flamenco” July 10, 2007

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Pues resulta que hoy llega una compi de clase de japones y saca una revista en la que habían visitado la escuela de flamenco en la que trabaja. Nos contaba la profe que la resvista es muy conocia allí, y que además es un poco cara (5 euros al cambio, aunque ahora el euro está tela de subido respecto al yen). La visita fué hace ya varios meses y el reportaje tiene fotos de la gente y las clases y tal…  os pego una fotillo “live en clase”, y el correspondiente link PASEO フラメンコ.

revista paseo flamenco de julio de 2007

7 years after: new mobile… z610i June 17, 2007

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So, I’m finaly leaving behind my trusty Samsung phone after his faithful 7 years of service for a shiny blue z610i ericsson phone. After 3 days the phone has fared very well:

  • I really like the form factor: it’s a somewhat wide clam shell, so the keys are big enough (hate small keys!) and also the screen is reasonable. It’s also a little bit smaller than the older one!
  • Managed to scrounge out all operator pictures and craps from the environment, and also found out that ericsson has a nice developers page full of docs and programs.
  • Managed to cross-sync the address book from OSX to the phone and back via a 3rd party plugin. The builtin OSX app managed to import a trusty txt file and will also help me have a backup of the phone numbers and email addresses automatically.
  • Seems the phone supports a background music player so it comes bundled with some windows app to manage the music. Scrounged a bit for tools and found out iTuneMyWalkman which is great for autosyncing the music iPod style. This will help relieve me from the iPod harddisk crash some months ago, which left me without continous music…
  • Finally, I’m soon getting Bluetooth support for my main computer so I’ll experiment with some scripts to auto start syncing + backing up when detected near the computer.

café + manga library = heaven? June 9, 2007

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Os pego una fotillo de una serie que estuve viendo, sale una especie de bar o cafetería donde pillas los mangas de las estanterías y te los vas viendo en el sillón de mientras te tomas algo. Ni que decir tiene, que esa combinación me parece de PM :)


Como se que alguno va a preguntar, os dejo los correspondientes links:

結婚できない男 (kekkon dekinai otoko)

国仲涼子 (Kuninaka Ryoko)