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Fixed point arithmetics article August 26, 2007

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So, I feel a bit dumb about having named my blog “software rendering world” and not having provided any links to tutorials or information about fixed point arithmetics, which are really important to this whole fields (and even more so in the small machines like amiga or gp32 consoles). Luckily the ADA comunity setup a nice wiki some weeks ago and I’ve just finished writting and uploading an article with a very practical vision of how to learn to do these calculations. Enjoy!

ps. I know wikipedia has an article on it, but its linked papers are soooo full of scary math, it’s no wonder nowdays people think that fixepoint is difficult!

links: fixed point tutorial on Amiga Coding Archive

A vueltas con el tema del inglés August 24, 2007

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Se discutía en estos días el tema de montar una wiki o similar y asociarlo a escena.org, y por supuesto salió el tema de hacerlo en español o en inglés… ni me ha hecho falta dar la opinión de esa discusión, ya que la ha resumido perfectamente nolver^timescratchers:

Soy de la opinión que si alguién está interesado en aprender a hacer demos, programar juegos, etc, lo primero que debe aprender no es C++, ni OOP, sino inglés. Y a partir de ahi seguir.

Mi experiencia después de estar varios meses en contacto más cercano con gente que viene aquí a sevilla a estudiar español o flamenco es que en muchos casos tampoco saben tantísimo inglés como nosotros creemos. Los mismísimos japoneses suelen saber un poco pero les pasa como aquí a nosotros en españa, que como no tienen mucha oportunidad de usarlo cuando salen a viajar pues están igual de acojonaos que nosotros en ese aspecto.

virgill website August 23, 2007

Posted by winden in demoscene, Linklog.
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Today i got linked via the bitfellas forum into the virgill website, which is hosting amongst others a small but powerful (and tear jerking to me) online selection of his old amiga music such as soundtracks for interference / sanity, the gate / artwork and crazy sexy cool / essence.

On joining RGBA August 17, 2007

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Just like all times I’ve changed groups, everyone involved knew in fact it was not wether I’d join or not, but mostly about when. Happened after Posadas on leaving Batman Group for TNC. Happened before Euskal Party 4 when part of TNC folded into network. And happened now on leaving network for RGBA.

Since many years ago I was already spending time with the guys, and also lately planned my demoscene party trips with them. Visiting Evoke both last year and this one is but the latest example of a cooperation  that started at the euskal party 8 when we first tried to debug, design and optimize something together.

So what can I say now… really look forward to giving my new group the best scening I can manage to do, and not only via productions but also helping in the lookout for external co-productions, adding a bit of oldschool touch such as the infamous file_id.diz files on the releases (pet peeve for all oldschoolers) and probably much more important than any of that, helping any of my friends when they need any help.

Is network dead now? That’s a question I don’t really know how to reply. For my part, there are enough routines to fill a demo, but lack any strong direction and graphics strength to really bring it to life on my very own. Maybe someday the smaller secret Amiga projects will see the light, and then I’d definitely release them under the network label.

Many of our members have lately flirted with the idea of a comeback only to get their already very busy real life screaming them into conformance, and keeping still any more time looking from the distance how my family was slowly degrading was hurting me more than I dared like to admit in public.

Thus the jump.

Signed, winden of rgba^ntw^bg.

Evoke 2007 photo report August 17, 2007

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So, I’ve just uploaded all my evoke 2007 photos to scenesp reports site, hope you like them!

A little bit of Assembly 2007 August 5, 2007

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So, this weekend was Assembly, and we proceeded to gather around the irc to watch the live stream, being somewhat  alone together in real life instead of a mmo).

I haven’t seen much of the releases, but anyways some high points for me:

Timescratchers, which mostly come from my very same city, released both a game and a demo at the party, thus marking a new step for the now 2 years old group. Of particular note the idea of modding the game to include scene groups as football teams, thus making it  good part of party fun for some people reviewing it. Interestingly, the results file says nothing about the gamedev compo…

RGBA with stiletto as a cool 4k full of girls that reached 2nd place…

…in a compo crowned by candystall as a loonies coop featuring amongst other the well known  multiscener blueberry. Talking about loonies, also maytz jumped the plattform gap with 4k intro clusterstorm.

Time flied a bit and also the stream didn’t work too well for me yesterday (looks like h264 doesnt like dropped packets too much?), so no realtime compo watching… so today morning went and grabbed the sur-to-be-released ASD demo lifeforce. Impressive as usual, not only the tech side but also the music and the general flow… i liked best the 2d parts (including the obvious sequential/andromeda reference with the bending tree) and also of course the routines used to convert shapes into flowing and expanding lines.

Some chat I caught up late friday from louie500 was also that tbl would not be releasing there, but there were some new work in preparation anyways.

All in all, a good Assembly weekend :)

Not the usual “copy Paul Bourkes lookup table” marching cubes approach July 26, 2007

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A routine to die for for sure: rapo diablo 5000 with realtime raytracing on 50mhz machines

fast euskal 15 results July 23, 2007

Posted by winden in demoscene.

Not 100% complete but what the hell…

              |                                     |
              |                                     |
              |       Fast! Euskal XI Results       |
              |           23 - July - 200           |
              |                                     |
              |                                     |
              |   Relayed live by: Stage7/Bixo      |
              |         Spread by: Winden/Network   |
              |                                     |
              |                                     |
              | mod          1.evil/scoopex         |
              |              2.stage7/bixo          |
              |                                     |
              | 2d           1.???                  |
              |              2.leunam/network       |
              |                                     |
              | 3d           zelldweller/           |
              |                     /timescratchers |
              |              2.???                  |
              |              3.???                  |
              |                                     |
              | multichannel 1.netburner            |
              |              2.evil/scoopex         |
              |              3.debi/gum             |
              |                                     |
              | hq           1.cmos                 |
              |              2.arerophagy           |
              |              3.stage7/bixo          |
              |                                     |
              | 4k           1.collapse^necrostudios|
              |              2.bixo                 |
              |                                     |
              | 64k          1.nocturns             |
              |              2.evil/scoopex         |
              |              3.software failure     |
              |                                     |
              | demo         1.spöntz               |
              |              2.purple studios       |
              |              3.stravaganza          |
              |                                     |

Uploaded my Curriculum Vitae May 1, 2007

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I don’t really remember the last time I wrote down my Curriculum Vitae.. maybe ten years ago? So I took a bit of spare time to learn Google Docs and write down a page listing all sort of strange details about antonio vargas aka winden of network (greetings to any stalkers ^_^).

best party in years April 9, 2007

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This year it seems the Amiga compos were abit more tonned down… many releases (edit: really manymore than 3 or 4 years since so many amidemos and amiintros for a compo!), and a comeback from mawi for the 68k compos, but missed some groups like loonies or iris for the democompo… but we got some really strong releases in all other compos… global link for releases

  • a cool pc 4k intro by rgba.
  • desert dreams in c64.
  • some cool spectrum and gba demos in wild compo…
  • … totally shadowed by tbl‘s “popular demo meets barbies”…
  • a really much stronger pc democompo than earlier years…
    • anadune towards the start was nice and calm (got 9th)
    • 4 releases by brainstorm! (one two three four)
    • loonies with very good graphics, sync and direction. specially great the greetings part. (edit: got 8th))
    • traction with what I’d call “the caracolillos demo”. perfect for you leunam! (edit: got 4th place)
    • much later on, andromeda got written on the bigscreen… the second coming indeed with the 3d fractal and the massive colliding galaxies. only the music wasn’t really strong enough… (edit: placed 2nd)
    • and in came synesthetics, with very sharp visuals… that glowing line snake was veeeeeeeeeeeery nice! (edit placed 3rd)
    • and in came farbrausch, with a generated-graphics demo (only 200kb!)… fiver2 directing what could be called a massive particle system… from the start with the cubes-snake (que vienen los roborrrrrrrrrrrrrrrls! ;), the middle when they start destroying the city, to the end when they get fed up and decide to –> REALLY DESTROY <– the city. (edit: won)