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An interesting presentation on improving productivity October 27, 2008

Posted by winden in in real life.

I was seeing a few days ago this presentation about improving team productivity, and have but to wonder about the limiting of hours worked per day. To quote the presentation (bolds are mine): “Ford chewed on this problem for 12 years and run dozens of experiments.  As a result of Ford’s experiments,he and his fellow industrialists lobbied Congress to pass 40 hour a week labor laws.  Not because he was nice. Because he wanted to make the most money possible. We like to think of a 40 hour work week as a ‘liberal policy’ when in fact it was hard headed capitalism at it’s finest.

I guess this is worth translating: Como resultados de los experimentos de Ford, el congreso hizo leyes para tener 40 horas a la semana de trabajo. No por querer ser bueno con los trabajadores, sino porque asi ganaba más dinero. Capitalismo llevado al máximo.


1. Drealmer - November 1, 2008

But why would Ford lobby for a 40 hours week law? I mean, if I had found something which is legal, makes me look nice, and provides me with a competitive advantage, the last thing I would like to do is to get everybody else to do the same.

Thanks for sharing the link, that was an interesting read.

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