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Disconnected from home? Listen to your music! September 10, 2008

Posted by winden in in real life, Linklog.

One of the things I’ve felt missing since being an ex-patria is a lack of my own language. It is true that there is many people from all over the country, and of course I keep chatting daily with many people from home, but I still lack the immediate warm of a quick good laugh or word play in andalusian :)

It may be for this reason, then, that lately I’ve listened quite a bit more than usual to Chambao. While not the overall best sellers nor the best known, the group managed to ride the flamenco-fusion fashion quite well and gave us quite a few memorable songs.

I found out quite a few videos and even an official chambao video channel, so let me link to a few of my prefered songs like the famous ahí estas tú or pokito a poko (concert in wroclaw^poland?!?).

Just like they say…

Volveré a encontrarme con vosotros
Volveré a sonreír en la mañana
Volveré con lágrima en los ojo
Mirar al cielo y dar las gracias

ps. kudos para chambao por decidir apostar por la tecnología y permitir los videos en lugar de bloquearlos :)


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