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Mini-review of the week June 2, 2008

Posted by winden in in real life.

So, having already been for 1 week at Silicon Valley… how is this place?

  • weather: Nice, sunny, malaga-like “fresquito” but not “joder que frio copón!”
  • food, part 1: enjoy the overwhelming amount of asian restaurants
  • food, part 2: chinese restaurants have the infamous fortune cookies with random messages inside
  • places, part 0: Typical highschool-teen-film-like neighbourhoods: wide streets, trees, houses with lawns and garages
  • places, part 1: Enjoy the beer garden at zeitgeist on valencia street
  • places, part 2: Marvel at the computer history museum, full of classic toys to marvel at!
  • places, part 3: Free wifi while waiting for the bus shuttles at the Mountain View caltrain station
  • people, part 1: Some random names encountered so far: Alicia, Vijay, Crystal, Fernando, Molly, Owen or Erika
  • people, part 2: At some parts of the place, you are going to find a quite high density of not-so-random Dubliners
  • people, part 3: Amongst the biggest differences to Europe, here you can and will find girls driving taxis
  • drink, part 1: All bars will ask you for some age identification to check for 21+ age
  • drink, part 2: there is no guiness here :( …
  • drink, part 3: … but there are bars with sangria! :)

BTW, don’t forget take advantage of your +16 spanish ability:

  • spanish tip 1: you can buy “picos” at the big supermarkets, just smile and ask any spanish-speaking 50s-looking mama
  • spanish tip 2: many cooks here are from spanish-speaking families, take advantage and ask for treats


1. gd - June 19, 2008

Guinness is here but not everywhere. If you want that, you might specifically look for an Irish pub, or a bar with a lot of beers on tap.

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