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Reducing number of divisions for polygon mappers – part 4 March 29, 2008

Posted by winden in coding, demoscene.

NOTE: moving to my new winden homepage


1. xphere - March 31, 2008

great!!! :)

btw… do you have RSS feed? :D

2. winden - March 31, 2008

Yes, in fact all wordpress.com blogs include an RSS feed linked on the head of the page, so that firefox and safari can display a “subscribe to this page” icon:

link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”RSS 2.0″ href=”https://winden.wordpress.com/feed/”

3. Jamie - April 18, 2008

Hi Winden,

Have you tried all this optimisation in a complete pipeline, i’m really curious about the precision.

Btw you can remove the division for the perspective gradient calculation

“instead of computing u/w and 1/w we’d be computing d*u/w and d/w. Per pixel we’re computing (d*u/w)/(d/w) = u”


4. winden - April 20, 2008

I can now see what you mean… both u/z and 1/z are traditionally scaled by the area of the polygon, so they cancel out when we divide them out. I guess that means perspective corrected mapping can be reduced to

Regarding the precision, I haven’t done any complete tests yet, but we should keep in mind that multiplying “generates” bits (32×32–>64) while dividing “kills” bits (64/32–>32), so it should be more precise than the usual way since all the calculations keep keep being done from the original bits and not from intermediate ones.

5. Jamie - April 20, 2008

What is really interesting for me it’s that you can compute the gradient with no need to zclipp uv component, so you can clipp only on the x,y component.

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