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7.5 years later… switchoff sadiel November 12, 2007

Posted by winden in in real life.

So, just a week after buying my old mobile, I joined my first proper job at sadiel.es, and a week after deciding to switch into a new mobile, I decided to also switch jobs. So I did a little priority list:

  1. I wanted to work with passionate and creative people, the sort of people who would not freak out if I showed them some strange thing called a demo for example.
  2. If possible, I wanted to finally join the games industry.
  3. If possible, I wanted to jump into the far end of the technology stack and join a so called “nextgen console team”.
  4. If possible, I’d prefer playstation 3.

But before being able to really start chasing the next big thing, I needed to finish many things at my home town, so I kept slowly sucking up all Spring and Summer as a sort of final round of life at Sevilla and trying to live off many thing I had neglegted for many years: skipping a party to stay home and instead rush out for clubbing 4 days straight, enjoying my japanese classes, chasing cool girls around the city, buying a shiny phone, organising a party at home, running from a police raid while doing botellón into the night, switching scene groups, assisting my friend on his we-sort-of-want but-maybe-dont-want but-in-fact-we-really-want dance to finally hook with a nice partner, managing to get debt-free and then, come September, could at last start to fire CVs all around Europe.

And then we reach now, few months later, when I could go to work on friday and hand over a formal lawyer-esque letter asking for my leaving from the company, and even more gaining a x8 bonus surprise attack against all my unsuspecting work mates who could not really admit that they were reading my farewell announcement.

There is only a small cloud over my horizon: will I manage to survive only eating with my own cooking? ;)

So yes, thing are a-changing, and rather fast indeed! :)


1. dani - November 13, 2007

Every day you have to work!
I hope you have lucky in your new way around in the word!! XD

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