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Fixed point arithmetics article August 26, 2007

Posted by winden in coding, demoscene.

So, I feel a bit dumb about having named my blog “software rendering world” and not having provided any links to tutorials or information about fixed point arithmetics, which are really important to this whole fields (and even more so in the small machines like amiga or gp32 consoles). Luckily the ADA comunity setup a nice wiki some weeks ago and I’ve just finished writting and uploading an article with a very practical vision of how to learn to do these calculations. Enjoy!

ps. I know wikipedia has an article on it, but its linked papers are soooo full of scary math, it’s no wonder nowdays people think that fixepoint is difficult!

links: fixed point tutorial on Amiga Coding Archive


1. Josh - August 28, 2007

one of the better fixedpoint articles ive found today. thank you.

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