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Strange ways for people to reach my blog August 6, 2007

Posted by winden in Linklog, metablog.

Lately I’ve been taking a look at the builtin wordpress stats: where people come from, what they click… but looking at the search terms that send them here is like…

  • antonio vargas winden – people using their search button like a phone directory?
  • de donde viene el nombre de wind – this is exactly the most asked question when i tell anyone i do demos using a handle or nickname, looks like it gets replicated into the search space

so far so well… lets look at some demoscene stuff:

  • demoscene getting started – ok, this makes sense ;)
  • create a simple software renderer – and this one too ^_^
  • osx demoscene – even if there are not many demos for mac, looks like it’s popular to start doing it now (witness the euskal party 2007 releases)
  • massive particle renderer – TODO: scrounge my amiga backups for some example blitzbasic particle sourcecode
  • ascii – ok, i love ascii… but what kind of people would reach this blog via that query?

maybe phone related?

  • software z610i – where everyone keeps trying to know how to hack the cool phone

hey wait! i also write about japanese things!

  • japanese common pleasanteries in english – we start taking a nosedive…
  • call from japan to spain – yeah, I receive million of calls per week from there
  • my scener – not kidding, this is showing up on the refereer logs…

but more than not, we can see some search engines could enhance

  • Que clase de software es Word. – yes, the dot at the end is included. I even come first at this query on google… if the unix people at the office knew, they would sure kick me of the unix group!

but for the last entry, i think this is really fitting:

What I can conclude from this is that these are topics that people would like me to blog about, and having some entries using these search strings would maybe hook a few more to reading there (karma whoring at its finest ;)


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