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A little bit of Assembly 2007 August 5, 2007

Posted by winden in demoscene, Linklog.

So, this weekend was Assembly, and we proceeded to gather around the irc to watch the live stream, being somewhat  alone together in real life instead of a mmo).

I haven’t seen much of the releases, but anyways some high points for me:

Timescratchers, which mostly come from my very same city, released both a game and a demo at the party, thus marking a new step for the now 2 years old group. Of particular note the idea of modding the game to include scene groups as football teams, thus making it  good part of party fun for some people reviewing it. Interestingly, the results file says nothing about the gamedev compo…

RGBA with stiletto as a cool 4k full of girls that reached 2nd place…

…in a compo crowned by candystall as a loonies coop featuring amongst other the well known  multiscener blueberry. Talking about loonies, also maytz jumped the plattform gap with 4k intro clusterstorm.

Time flied a bit and also the stream didn’t work too well for me yesterday (looks like h264 doesnt like dropped packets too much?), so no realtime compo watching… so today morning went and grabbed the sur-to-be-released ASD demo lifeforce. Impressive as usual, not only the tech side but also the music and the general flow… i liked best the 2d parts (including the obvious sequential/andromeda reference with the bending tree) and also of course the routines used to convert shapes into flowing and expanding lines.

Some chat I caught up late friday from louie500 was also that tbl would not be releasing there, but there were some new work in preparation anyways.

All in all, a good Assembly weekend :)

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