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7 years after: new mobile… z610i June 17, 2007

Posted by winden in in real life, Linklog.

So, I’m finaly leaving behind my trusty Samsung phone after his faithful 7 years of service for a shiny blue z610i ericsson phone. After 3 days the phone has fared very well:

  • I really like the form factor: it’s a somewhat wide clam shell, so the keys are big enough (hate small keys!) and also the screen is reasonable. It’s also a little bit smaller than the older one!
  • Managed to scrounge out all operator pictures and craps from the environment, and also found out that ericsson has a nice developers page full of docs and programs.
  • Managed to cross-sync the address book from OSX to the phone and back via a 3rd party plugin. The builtin OSX app managed to import a trusty txt file and will also help me have a backup of the phone numbers and email addresses automatically.
  • Seems the phone supports a background music player so it comes bundled with some windows app to manage the music. Scrounged a bit for tools and found out iTuneMyWalkman which is great for autosyncing the music iPod style. This will help relieve me from the iPod harddisk crash some months ago, which left me without continous music…
  • Finally, I’m soon getting Bluetooth support for my main computer so I’ll experiment with some scripts to auto start syncing + backing up when detected near the computer.


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