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best party in years April 9, 2007

Posted by winden in demoscene, Linklog.

This year it seems the Amiga compos were abit more tonned down… many releases (edit: really manymore than 3 or 4 years since so many amidemos and amiintros for a compo!), and a comeback from mawi for the 68k compos, but missed some groups like loonies or iris for the democompo… but we got some really strong releases in all other compos… global link for releases

  • a cool pc 4k intro by rgba.
  • desert dreams in c64.
  • some cool spectrum and gba demos in wild compo…
  • … totally shadowed by tbl‘s “popular demo meets barbies”…
  • a really much stronger pc democompo than earlier years…
    • anadune towards the start was nice and calm (got 9th)
    • 4 releases by brainstorm! (one two three four)
    • loonies with very good graphics, sync and direction. specially great the greetings part. (edit: got 8th))
    • traction with what I’d call “the caracolillos demo”. perfect for you leunam! (edit: got 4th place)
    • much later on, andromeda got written on the bigscreen… the second coming indeed with the 3d fractal and the massive colliding galaxies. only the music wasn’t really strong enough… (edit: placed 2nd)
    • and in came synesthetics, with very sharp visuals… that glowing line snake was veeeeeeeeeeeery nice! (edit placed 3rd)
    • and in came farbrausch, with a generated-graphics demo (only 200kb!)… fiver2 directing what could be called a massive particle system… from the start with the cubes-snake (que vienen los roborrrrrrrrrrrrrrrls! ;), the middle when they start destroying the city, to the end when they get fed up and decide to –> REALLY DESTROY <– the city. (edit: won)


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