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quest for mobile, part 2 March 25, 2007

Posted by winden in in real life, japanese.

So, after a week of chasing, I’ve got some news: Seems it’s 100% impossible to buy a japanese phone. Even going direct to the makers. Let me tell you: this really suxxx. Yesasia can’t of course provide them either… they had the fastest response time with about 2 hours between asking and replying. Most others took about 3 or 4 hours. Slowest ones were vodafone spain, which took around 5 days to reply. And of course they told me to contact vodafone japan to buy the phone from them. Contacting toshiba was really fun when I asked if I could buy the japanese dictionary as a separate thing for my euro/usa phone: “We are toshiba america, please contact toshiba europe if you live in europe”.

The best response prize goes to au kddi: “Come to live here for a while, get a worldwide roaming contract with us, and then go back to spain while mantaining our contract.”. Yeah, as if I’d come back to spain after living there for 3 months. And doing this would be pretty expensive: calling any spanish number would mean paying spanish roaming + cost of call from japan to spain. But anyways they were the only ones that provided any kind of response other than “we don’t care”.

So, if jphone is out, the next best thing is to buy a similar phone and use a java dictionary with a custom entry system, which I’ll write about later.


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