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The quest for the new mobile starts today March 18, 2007

Posted by winden in in real life, japanese.

So, having had the very same mobile phone for 7 years (!!!), I’ve lately decided to start searching for another one. And what else, I decided to browse a bit at JP sites and their phones really rules… for example this sanyo mobile boasts a lot of stuff such as a builtin JP+EN dictionary (which is apparently standard on all jp phones) and even a OCR system via the builtin camera. Even saw many with PAL+NTSC TVout to replay video directly to a TV.

Suddendly, getting one of these phones looked great since they would triple as mp3 player + dictionary + phone. mp3 + phone would really mean that I’d come back to always having a mobile with me, which I haven’t done for about 4 years!

So off I went and wrote an email on saturday evening asking info on buying this phone for using it back here in europe, and they answered back in less than 8 hours… great customer service!!! Too bad they don’t want to sell me the phone if I’m not getting a mobile contract in JP :( But sure would be funky to keep living here in ES but having a japanese mobile contract, the romaing fees could be really fun to see! XD

Looked also at the vodafone/softbank homepage and they had lots of phones with support for european GSM networks besides the requisite JP dictionary… crossed this into the ES vodafone page for buying phones and there are some intersecting models… too bad the spanish page keeps silent on whether the JP support, which probably was kicked out in support for pan-european EN+FR+DE+ES support… will have to contact them anyways.

As a last way, I could always ask saskia to get me one of these from a TW store when she comes back to visit her family, or gamble a bit with ordering directly from a TW or HK site.

Edited a while later: Of course ES vodafone says that the toshiba 803 is only available with PT + ES + EN language and can’t order the JP version via them. Apparently they all don’t realise that I want to give them money so that I get the phone… will have to try with JP vodafone next…


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