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comefrom wedding March 17, 2007

Posted by winden in in real life, japanese.

Last workweek was really like a rollercoaster, not helped at all by the fact that I was trying to pre-work at the start so that I could leave early on friday for wedding purposes. So here goes my wedding report!

  • Wedding was 17.00 at the town hall, a bit extrange being accustomed to church ones (do we have to keep quiet? is that enya music instead of bach and haendel?).
  • The time came at last for paying back for all the embarrasing moments at class when the teacher asked who I was going to date later that night and all that… So just after exiting the town hall, I threw a “sensei wa kampeki desu ne?” (teacher is perfect isn’t her?) together with one of the class girls to the bride, which earned me a blushing smirk :)
  • Triple gretting to the bride’s mother and aunt: japanese-style salute (complete with the proper hajimemashite and bowing) + american-style handshake (induced by them) + latin-style double-kissing (induced by me). But also managed to demonstrate my broken japanese: asked for the grandmother (obaasan) but was politely corrected instead to “aunt” (obasan).
  • Shared mid-afternoon coffee with the martial arts people. Learnt there is a book purpose-made to help westerners learn kanji reading and writing.
  • Managed not to get seafood-poisoned as in past celebrations even when we had two full plates on our table. Seems to me that this alergy is going down with the years. At last!!!
  • We had two tables of japanese students: one for the martial arts people and other for the random ones. So I was in the random table, sharing with kurina-chan, sergio-san, katy-chan and fatima-chan.
  • Just in case you didn’t know yet, the best times for looting girl phonenumbers are birthday and wedding parties. There was lots of drinking… and not only the usual cacique and negrita, but even vodka! And lots of early ’90s music. And there were some cool girls at the place. And some flamenco style music for close range interaction. Will leave the math to you all ;)
  • Oportunity-attack-style ice-breaking move: just after the bride passes goes by my side laughing and dancing, one of the japanese girls comes besides me, so I go for a very casual “kawaii desu ne?”.
    Asked me if I come from the groom side and then enter the usual “I’m stuying japanese with eriko…”, followed with the even more typical “why are you stuying japanese?”.
  • Speaking of japanese girls at the party… they were no doubt the ones with the best flamenco dancing, one of them had totally cool moves for only two years of study (even slow moving ones which are the most difficult to master, sort of trying to keep the rythm when listening to yolk/cncd music ;), and other one really knew how to eye-lock while dancing (which is of course very important for flamenco).
  • And before you have to ask, yes, I danced flamenco with the three of them. Never had classes, but both my built-in vargas-heritage and the low blood-to-vodka-ratio provided enough leeway.
  • Towards the end, what is nowdays a classic for wedding dances… all the guys towards the stage for europe’s final countdown. All with the neck ties bandana style. Just in case you didn’t know yet, long hair rules for dancing.

Photo swapping is still pending, will have to digg a bit to get them. Will upload some there I think.


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