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Switchout high resolution… November 18, 2006

Posted by winden in demoscene.

At first I decided to take advantage of my inherited 1280×1024 17″ flatpannel by hugging up to native resolution and just cranking up the font sizes for all apps, just like I had to do at work to get any work…

You see, 10px sized letters were ok back when 640×512 incredibly high resolution, but not nowdays done since I fully hate all these 10pixel size texts on 84dpi monitors…

The final nail is that I’ve decided to do over with all that, at least at home… and just run the screen at 800×600 and rely on the flatpannel interpolation to scale to it’s true resolution, now all windows look really cramped, but I’ve also noticed that the gfxcard is liking it much more and is running things one-frame instead of two-frame (the dock animation for example)

Now to unhack all apps and tell them to use 18pt fonts instead of 24pt ;)


1. Switch back in high resolution « The software rendering world - December 5, 2006

[…] So, a while ago I wrote about going low-res on my flatpannel… but in the end could not bear it… all that bilinear blurriness just kills me to no end… rather than that, spent a good while yesterday hacking e-uae to support upscaling via opengl… so now I can run a 320×256 screen, the emulator only has to calc and upload 320×256 pixels and the videocard expands to required size + does double buffering… let me tell you that pixelling a 320×256 picture on a 1280×1024 flatpannel is now really possible and even fun :) […]

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