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Let’s go party April 4, 2005

Posted by winden in in real life.

Having come last week from the Breakpoint 2005, which was an incredible fun, I staid all week needing more shots of party-time. So weekend came and off we went… friday was slower but on Saturday we planned ahead: if you go out early, like at 12pm then you can’t go anywhere interesting so we staid a one friends house first having food (great pasta :) and then having a movie until 2.30 (which for me means having a night-siesta ;) So it was about 3.00 and both albinus and me were ready for fun… got back to my house on car and parked, and I remembered some club near there…The club was nice, 6 euro included entry + 1 drink + coat-preserving service (how do you say “guardaropa” in english?), not bad at all… the night progresses fast, the place was nice, free of smoke due to great ventilation and even the toilets were ultraclean which is a plus (cf. the same as breakpoint 2005 ones). BTW, did I tell you yet that I went clubbing while carrying my notebook bag? Yeah it fits good and I’m quite accustomed to dance with no problems anyways…

There were nice girls at the place, some more dark-looking and some more pija-looking, but at one time we sit a bit on the couch and a little group with 2 men a 2 girls entered… one of the girls had something special… perhaps it was her very-long bleached ponytail… but it was just like if she had used a “level 3 charm spell”, and both albinus and me got frequent glances her way… but did not approach since it seemed they where in 2-2 config… anyways some time after we changed places for dacing and went more near this group… and she started glancing my way :) So I kept on dancing and approaching and soon we were dancing close together to the nice house music and a good dancer she was!!! :))) (tip for close-up dancing: switch your notebook bag to your back so that you can dance real nice and groovy ;)

It was long into the night now so the club started to close and we were leaving when this group asked us out to keep with them to the next after-hours near this one, so there we went!!! We could not keep much more time but this time was great and the night was definitely real fun, but had to get back home since I had booked with some friends for some Sunday socialising.

Here goes my greetings list then: albinus, salva and extra greetings for sandra/bcn^c+fr ;)

Summing it up:

+3 for club being near my house (it’s even more near than my usual car parking place!)

+1 for club being smoke free despite heavy smoking

+1 for nice club price

+1 for clean toilets

+1 for house music

+3 for nice girls

+1 for nice after-hours club we went, very big and crammed to the top of partying people

Signed winden of network.


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